Does “Made in America” matter to you?

Posted by Shannon Grace on

When you hear that a product is “Made in America” what does that do for you?  Do you automatically want to purchase that item to support your fellow hard working Americans?  Do you jump to the conclusion that it will be more expensive?  Do you even care?  For me personally – I care.  I feel like I do a good job at supporting things that are really important to me.  Taking care of animals and children; making sure you are their voice when they are mis-treated and cannot speak.  Standing up for the LBGTQ community when I feel like EVERYONE should have the most basic rights as humans.  Supporting women owned businesses.  I think we do a kick ass job!  Purchasing a product that is “Made in America” makes me feel like I am contributing to the well being of our country.  I am currently making my next panty line in America.  I am proud of that!  Sure, it’s more expensive than China but I feel like it’s worth the expense.  Cheers to my fellow American’s who work hard every single day.  I am right there with ya.

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