Founder Shannon Grace was featured in Voyage Magazine as one of Denver's Most Inspiring Stories...

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I was interviewed by Voyage Magazine as one of Denver's Most Inspiring Stories!  It was an honor and pleasure to get interviewed.  Entrepreneurship is not nor has been an easy road.  I am still learning and growing every day.  I still get inspired by entrepreneurs - especially woman who busted their asses to make shit happen (sorry, not sorry, I like to cuss : ). I recently saw Oprah on her last stop to Denver on her Oprah's 2020 Vision: Your Life in Focus Tour.  it was AMAZING.  Super inspiring, motivational, fun and full of the best energy you can imagine.  Everything you would expect from Oprah.  The motto for the show was: I can.  I will.  WATCH ME.  I looooove that!  I hope my story will inspire others to take the leap and jump right in! 




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