Is modesty so bad?

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In today’s world that we live in it’s all about selfies, look at me mentality and “that’s not my problem”.  Where did society go wrong?  How did we get here?  It honestly make me sad.  I try and raise my two teenage boys differently – to be polite and treat others with respect.  Then I lead by example.  In America, society praises people to be out spoken, be the loudest voice in the room.  Always speak your mind.  I want to yell shut the fuck up sometimes to loud ass people on their cell phones when you are in a small crowded room or in line at the grocery store.  Or when the fitness instructor asks everyone in class to please wipe off the mats with the facility wipes that the gym provides in each room and the young girl who just sweated on the mat loudly says “it’s not my job” then walks away.  Grrrrrrr.  This irritates me so bad!  Why can’t we help each other out?  Why can’t we work together to make this world a better more peaceful place?  The same concept goes for women and clothing.  Let’s celebrate every single woman and her beautiful body.  Everyone is built different and one size isn’t better than the next.  Camelflage was invented for modesty reasons.  When I was doing yoga I wanted the security of knowing that my bottom half was covered and not revealing too much.  What is wrong with being modest?  I’m not a prude.  At all!  I just like having that extra bit of security knowing that I can walk around in athleisure wear knowing I don’t have to pull the pant leg down worrying about cameltoe.  It’s just not cute to me.  These panties aren’t shaming women and their bodies.  It’s just giving them the choice to be a little more discreet and modest.  If you like to show your toe then go ahead!  I celebrate you no matter which way you lean.  No toe or yes toe.  Have a toerrific day!

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