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Geez!  Women have it tougher than men.  Besides trying to survive and move up in a male dominated world, women feel the pressure to be perfect in every single part of their lives.  Men want us to be the perfect little wife, a chef in the kitchen, the best mom, a porn star in the bedroom, a house maid, a psychiatrist, massage therapist, handyman, all the while keeping our pre-kid figure after popping out a couple of kids.  I already feel exhausted after writing that and need a glass of wine.  But it's only 11:35 am.  Damn.  I guess I'll have a piece of chocolate instead...  


This article in Women's Health Magazine touches on a subject that is rarely discussed by women.  I didn't know (being a woman myself) that this was a major issue that needed to be talked about.  The issue is women feel self conscious about their labia.  Maybe you look different from that naked actress in a skinamax movie you saw last week.  Or you compare yourself to other women in the locker room at the gym walking around naked after a shower (I guess I'm a prude because I go in the private changing room).  I know for men they compare how long their schlongs are so this is a pretty normal for both sexes.  This article let's women know that no matter what you look like down there it's NORMAL.  Every single person on this earth does not look the same.  We all have different body types which includes our naughty parts.  I love articles like this because it sheds some light on a dark subject matter.  Makes it less embarrassing and more who the hell cares.  These poor women are going under the knife to have the perfect whoohaa.  Ouch!  Just thinking about having cosmetic surgery on my lady parts makes me cringe!  Ladies, you don't need painful, expensive surgery.  You just need Camelflage panties!!  These were created to smooth you out under tight pants.  Originally designed for yoga class.  They now have different uses.  Athleisure clothes have replaced jeans and a t-shirt and leggings are worn as pants.  If you need a little more coverage down south then these no camel toe panties are your solution.  Don't get cut, get Camelflage!



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