Why Camelflage?

Posted by Shannon Grace on

I came up with the idea of Camelflage in 2008.  I was in yoga class and felt the need for an extra layer of coverage in my tight yoga pants while doing my sun salutations.  My pants kept creeping up while in different positions and I felt the need to pull down my pant leg to free my frontal wedgie.   I thought – there has to be a solution for this.  I searched the internet and did a patent search as well.  Nothing.  So Camelflage was born.  Some people don’t like the idea of this.  Mostly men.  I will get emails from random men saying I am destroying their lives by making this product.  Really?  Maybe you should point your perverted eye balls somewhere else.  Pervs.  I have also gotten emails from women saying that I am making women embarrassed of their bodies.  This is SO FALSE.  This is a modesty product.  If a woman wants to show off her pretty little taco or her big beef curtain then that’s her prerogative.  Me on the other hand wants to keep my little clam private.  No gawking at her with your perverted eyeballs – men!  I am not embarrassed just modest.

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