Shannon, Founder

About Camelflage®

Just say no to camel toe. Camelflage® offers super comfy, super functional panties that let women of all shapes and sizes wear leggings, yoga and tight pants without the “ewwww view.” Even Hollywood’s top fashionistas have fallen victim to this embarrassing fashion disaster…but all you need to save the day is a little Camelflage®.

Former model, tech sales superstar, 2014 Ironman finisher, Reiki Master, hospice volunteer and mother of two, founder Shannon came up with the idea for Camelflage® one day in yoga (circa 2008). Watching her form in the floor to ceiling mirrors in cute, fitted yoga pants, Shannon was horrified to see that she had the dreaded camel toe. She looked everywhere for a solution - department stores, online, lingerie shops - finding nothing but blogs and YouTube videos of women complaining about their own embarrassing camel toe problems. With her market in mind (women everywhere), Shannon designed Camelflage®, the patented women's panty with a built-in flexible, breathable, insert to smooth out the "Lady Parts."

  • Made by women, for women, built for from and function.
  • Materials: 95% cotton, 5% spandex, polyester lace band, with our patented, perforated neoprene insert.
  • Perfect under yoga pants, tight leather/suede/stretchy leggings, and high-waisted shorts or pants!
  • Simply hand wash & line dry.
  • Sizes: XS- XXL 
  • Available at www.camelflage.com and boutiques around the globe.

Camelflage® Products: 

  • Lace Brief $19.99 (Launched in 2015)
  • Lace Thong $19.99  (Launched in 2015)
  • Sport Brief $21.99   (Designed in 2009, Relaunched in 2017)
  • Sport Thong $21.99  (Designed in 2009, Relaunched in 2017)

Celebrity and media fans include Chelsea Handler, Howard Stern, The Doctors, Marie Claire, Perez Hilton, Hollywood and Disney wardrobe departments, and more.

Our Vision

Camelflage® strives to empower women everywhere, by providing the solution to embarrassing wardrobe malfunctions, seamlessly. Our products lend comfort, confidence and protection all day everyday so you can always look your best - whether you're at the gym, at work, or a night out on the town.


Patented, non-removable, breathable insert always stays in place – no slip, slide, or creep! Outer layer is made with a comfortable wicking material that pulls moisture away, keeping you smooth, dry and comfortable ALL DAY.


Our patented, perforated insert is thin, flexible, sewn into the panty (non-removable), and molds to your body for a seamless fit.

Customer Satisfaction

Just say no to camel toe. Add Camelflage™ to your arsenal of beauty and fashion secrets. We’re the must have fashion fix in every smart woman’s underwear drawer.

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